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Venus in Sagittarius- Prayers, Parties and Freedom 6/10- 6/11

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Venus is a party girl. She likes nothing more than dressing up to have a good time. When in the sign of Sagittarius her hair is down and she's ready to party... the more raucous the better! Getting drunk and dancing on the tables is a definite possibility.

Yet, there is a more serious side to Venus in this sign. She might equally be found in a meditation class or lighting a candle in a Church.

How could there be such a contrast? Venus is about what we value. With Venus in Sagittarius there is a value in learning and finding. In the adventurous sign of Sagittarius, this party girl may develop a taste for adventure and the quest will be for Spiritual meaning and understanding.

Adventure is very much a part of the Sagittarian spirit, so Venus in this sign could also have wanderlust, exploring different cultures.

The key here is freedom. Sagittarius cannot be fenced in and values freedom of thought and action above all else.

What about relationships? Venus in Sagittarius can commit, as long as she's not forced to. Try to control her and you'll find her wardrobe empty and bags packed before you can blink.

So what can we expect during her sojourn in Sagittarius this month? This is a time when the need for freedom is more important than ever. The urge to ignore any attempts at control is being highlighted once again.

You may find that you are socialising more than usual or that your life has become one social event after another and you can't quite get out of it. You'll either find this exciting and exhilarating or exhausting, or all of these at once!

It's also possible that this is the month when you begin a meditation class, read a book on mindfulness or discover a new Spiritual teaching that really appeals to you. Whether you're doing yoga, discovering a new Spiritual path or simply making more time to meditate, this is a time for rekindling Spiritual awareness.

Dreaming of travel, travelling or meeting people from different cultures are also possible themes during this period.

As for relationships, as long as you can go on adventures together all is well. It's a great time to find, share knowledge and exchange ideas. Take care that you are honest with those to whom you're closest. The temptation to exaggerate will only cause problems especially when Venus Squares Neptune on the 27th. It can cause confusion and undermine relationships.

You can find out more about Venus in Sagittarius on my lifeastrologer youtube channel.

You benefit most from this energy if you are a Sagittarius, Aries or Leo. You may also benefit of you are a Libra or Aquarius.

You may find this time challenging if you're a Gemini, Pisces or Virgo.

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