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Birth Chart Readings

The first and most popular reading is the Birth Chart, also known as a Life or Natal Chart.

This is a Chart drawn up for the clients time,  date and place of birth and is entirely unique to them.

Birth Charts are like a "blueprint map" for our lives and illuminate our personalities, whilst at the same time, showing the various life situations we are likely to encounter.    

Often the time of birth is not known and if this is the case, there are techniques available for creating a workable Birth Chart.

Readings runs between one to one and a half hours.  

Chart Readings can take place either in person or on FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype.

They are recorded and you will receive a copy.

A Birth Chart Reading  is very useful for clients who want to take a look at their lives, discover strengths and weaknesses and develop their full potential in the future.

This type of chart reading is also helpful for clients who are perhaps going through a difficult time in life and need some clarification and guidance that will shed some light on the current issues.

Yearly Forecasts

This reading will focus on your Solar Return Chart, as well as Transits and Progressions.
These readings provide an insightful and revealing look at the themes which are going to be important to you over the next twelve months..

Relationship  Charts

These are created to explore the dynamic that occurs between people. Commonly used for close personal  relationships, they can also be used to understand business partners and associates.

Parent And Child Charts

Another type of Chart which proves popular, is the preparation of an Birth Chart for a child.

This makes for a thoughtful gift for interested parents, grand parents, relatives or friends and can be  a constructive guide in helping the developing child to reach their potential.  

Short Reading

This is a half hour reading which is designed to focus on one question or immediate issue.

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