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Learn More About Astrology

I love sharing my love of Astrology with others. This is why I love to teach and give talks. I am always excited when I see others excited by my talks and inspired to learn more. Above is a general talk about Astrology. If you'd like to learn more, you will find a list of talks that teach you about the different aspects of the chart. If you are interested in these, please get in touch and I will send them to you. They are £7 each.


Astrology, Light, Life and Meaning

This talk is an introduction to Astrology. It was given on the 17th of October 2020 on Zoom for the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary.

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The Twelve Signs.

In this talk, you will learn about the 12 signs and what they represent and the traits associated with them. This is a foundation talk for learning about Astrology.

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The Moon and You

The Moon inspires music, poetry and its mystery has appealed to our collective imagination for centuries.
In nature, animals’ biological cycles are often influenced by the Moon, returning to their birth places to lay eggs, etc on a Full Moon. For many humans the high energy of a Full Moon can also be evident. Some police forces have admitted to having more police on the streets when the Moon is Full. When I was a teacher, the children were always more hyper at that time of the month too.

The Moon is ever changing. Its 28 day journey from New to Full, back to New again was interpreted by many ancient cultures as evidence of an unreliable and inconsistent energy. It’s best seen at night, it’s often pale light, adding to its mystery and connection it through association with what’s, private, unknown. The 28 day cycle served to link it to women and female energy.

In Astrology, the Moon represents our inner emotional landscape. Our moods and how we deal with feelings are all represented by the Moon. Where the Sun shows our potential and movement into the future, the Moon is about the past. It tells us about our Mothers, how we were nurtured and our instincts. It’s common to find people who relate more to their Moon sign than their Sun sign. We are, in a sense travelling from what is familiar and instinctive as shown by the Moon in our charts, towards the new so we can experience growth through our Sun signs.

In this talk, you will hear about what the Moon can reveal about you as well as how it manifests in your chart.


Mercury, What's On Your Mind?

Are you easily distracted or do you get lost in your work? Do you process information slowly or do you jump ahead making connections that leave others confused? Do love or hate detail?

In this 1 hour talk about Mercury, you will gain a better understanding of how your mind works, your personal learning style and how you communicate. Mercury was the Messenger of the gods. He was very clever, inventive, articulate... and cheeky. He was the only god who could travel to the realms of the dead and return. There are many tales of Mercury’s adventures.

In Astrology, Mercury shows an individual’s intellect, how they might perceive the world and engage with it. It shows our capacity for communication and the means by which we prefer to do it. These are vital aspects of a personality and must be considered if we are to truly understand ourselves and others.


Venus, The Beauty Of You

What makes you a beautiful individual? What are your talents? What do you hold as precious? Venus shows you what you love, reveals your gifts and shows how you relate to others.
In this 1 hour talk, you will gain an understanding of what Venus shows as she travels through the 12 signs.


Who Are You?

What role do play and creativity play in the development of identity? In this talk I explore these questions in the context of the birth chart, looking at the Sun, Venus, Neptune and the 5th House.


Mars, Your Personal Henchman

When do you go to war? What role does anger play in your life? Mars was the god of war. In your chart, it shows how you assert yourself and the way in which you take action. Do you build walls or are you lacking in boundaries? To understand Mars is to understand your defence mechanism.


Jupiter, Belief and Conviction

Where do you put your faith? What do you believe in? In a secular world these may not be common questions but what we believe drives our behaviour in ways that we don’t even realise. In this talk, discover what Jupiter in your chart reveals about your faith and conviction.



Saturn- Fear, Control And Judgement

What are you afraid of? How does your fear chain and control you? Saturn represents fear and restriction but self control and realism can lead to great things. In this talk we look at how transmuting fear can lead to great achievement.


Uranus-Progress And Revolution- Dancing With Chaos

Discovered in a time of revolution, Uranus is associated with chaos. Chaos can be the source of creation but it can also be experienced as destruction. Wisdom determines which of these forces will define a period in history.


Neptune- Dreams, Mystics and Disillusion

Neptune, god of the sea is about erosion and dissolution. It points to the oness of all creation. It speaks of the collective unconscious and it’s expression through fashion, film and religion/ spirituality. It shows our collective dreams and nightmares.


Pluto- Obsession, Death and Resurrection

Pluto crushes hope... but not all hope. Even as he kills all joy, he promises resurrection. This is the real hope, out of the ashes, something beautiful is born! In this talk, you will gain a better understanding of Pluto as you look at world events during his 250 year cycle.


Chiron- Transmuting Pain

Can we ever heal from trauma? How do wounds change us? In this talk, the Chiron myth explains how we are each wounded and how we can use our pain to help others transmute theirs.


The Moon’s Nodes- Karmic Lessons

Mysterious and enigmatic, the Moon’s Nodes are truly karmic points in the chart. Polar opposites, they show us where we’ve come from and where we’re heading. They show us what our soul intends to learn in this life to redress the imbalances of the past.


The Houses- Life’s Circle

In this talk, you will be introduced to the 12 Houses of the Astrological Chart. You will gain and understanding of their meaning and both a personal and spiritual level.


What’s Your Rising Sign

What’s Your Rising Sign?

The Ascendant marks the “start” of the chart. It tells the story of your birth and your childhood. It shows the image you portray and how others see you. In this talk you will see how each Rising Sign tells a story of birth, childhood and image. 


The Descendant-You and Me

The Descendant  shows where I meet you. How good are you at dealing with others? Do you make friends or enemies? In this talk, you will see how different signs on the Descendant deal with the “other”.


Midheaven-Shining Bright

The Midheaven represents the Sun at its peak. In this talk, you will discover how the sign on your Midheaven shows the types of vocations  where you can shine,  your relationship with authority and your Mother.


The IC-Home, Sweet Home

Opposite the Midheaven, this part of the chart points to where we are most private. It tells us where we are at home, speaks of heritage, Father and family. In this talk you will hear how the IC in the different signs is manifested.

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