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About Ana  Isabel


It all began with a love of stories. As a child I began to collect folk tales from all around the world. I noticed that the same stories and characters cropped in different cultures. Later, at the University of Toronto, while studying Psychology, I discovered Carl Jung. I was very excited to learn that he had noticed the same thing and made a study of Archetypes. It was also around this time that I discovered Astrology. It was ancient Psychology with a difference. There is a spiritual element in the recognition that we are connected to the Universe, a part of it. Indeed at a molecular level, we are star dust. So began my love and study of Astrology.

After University, I moved to London. I worked for the BBC World Service as a Producer, Writer and Presenter. I also worked as a teacher and then as a special needs teacher. Teaching enabled me to observe Astrology in action. I used my knowledge to better understand my children and this helped me devise strategies to help them and connect with them.

When I left teaching and broadcasting, I decided to work as an Astrologer. I began to give consultations but but I also began to teach Astrology. I love watching my students as their interest grows in this wonderful subject. I am always delighted when they use their knowledge and it helps them better understand themselves and others.

Besides teaching Astrology, I also write about it and have appeared on many radio stations including the BBC to talk about Astrology and take calls from listeners. More recently I had my own radio show, Lightways on My Spirit Radio.

Further training in Analytical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression has led to working with clients to help them better understand their life's purpose. Life is most joyful when it has meaning. To that end, I continue to work with my clients and students, helping them to fulfil their soul's purpose.

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