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Sun In Scorpio

October is the month when we really begin to feel the nights drawing in. The clocks move back and the darkness comes early. Evidence that nature is winding down is all around us. The trees are aglow in their autumn best. A final show before they are revealed to us in their naked winter beauty.

Traditional celebrations for this time of year echo nature’s mood. Bonfire night is as colourful as the trees and the Celtic festival of Halloween connects us with ‘the other world.’ Halloween was the Celtic new year and it was believed that on this one night of the year, the veil that connected this world with the next was lifted allowing spirits to visit our world.

This imagery is very appropriate for the sign of Scorpio as this sign is connected with Pluto the god of the underworld. Fortunately this does not mean that Scorpios are doomed to suffer gloom and death all of their lives. Instead this link with the underworld has a few interpretations. Firstly, most Scorpios see death as a natural part of life. They see no point in pretending it isn’t going to happen, and they can be quite comfortable discussing this subject. This means that some of them are going to be drawn to working as forensic scientists, pathologist, morticians, funeral directors, or in hospices.

Some Scorpios may just be fascinated by death, delighting in horror films or crime stories. Indeed many become detectives or criminologists. They excel at getting to the bottom of mysteries and although rather secretive themselves, hate to have secrets kept from them. They are good listeners and generally people entrust them with their secrets. This is a sign that can also make good counsellors or psychologists.

Scorpios are magnetic. They like to observe others, especially if in a strange environment. They can sit and watch proceedings with a quiet confidence which will be attractive to others. And yet, this is not calculated to attract attention. No matter how gregarious a Scorpio appears to be, they will never be entirely open because for this very sensitive water sign, trust needs to be gained before they truly reveal themselves. Trust is a key word for Scorpios. It is hard earned and once broken, it is totally irretrievable. Forgiveness is not their forte, many prefer to deal in revenge. There is that sting in the tail. Yet, this does mean that this is a dangerous sign. Scorpions only sting if they feel threatened. Scorpios need emotional stability. They need to feel that they are very much in control of their lives. It is when they feel threatened, that they are inclined to become too controlling and if you hurt them, this is when they are likely to sting. Revenge is a way of taking back control, evening the score means retrieving a sense of power.

For many Scorpios death is only the beginning of a new life and as such is just part of a cycle of nature. Just as the autumn trees will come back to life in spring, death only marks the beginning of a new life in a different dimension. But whether or not a Scorpio believes in life after death, all of them will have the ability to regenerate. This means that when life becomes untenable, Scorpios have the ability to burn their bridges behind them and start a new life from scratch. They are better at starting a new life, than any other sign.

The issue of regeneration is an important one because it is the reason why Scorpios are so sexy and sexual. After all sex is necessary for procreation and this is also about regeneration and survival of the species. We tend to think of spring as the romantic season when new life is created, but autumn is just as important in this respect for many species. Stags rut at this time of year, seals continue the mating season which begins in September and they are but two examples. There is a lot to be said for short days and cozy evenings, candle light and lying by a fire. Stockings can come out of the drawer too, lending a bit more excitement to the season. Enjoy.

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