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Saturn in Aquarius- Control vs. Freedom

Today is a big day. Saturn only changes signs every two and a half years. He is moving into a sign over which, traditionally, he holds a lot of sway. To understand what themes we might be developing over the next couple of years we need to consider what both Saturn and Aquarius mean individually.

Saturn is Father Time. He takes things slowly, building structures on solid foundations. He is the task master, the teacher who wants to correct every mistake you make. He expects the highest standards and judges harshly when you fail to meet them. He represents authority, social responsibility and tradition.

Aquarius is also a sign concerned with society. The difference is that it has little respect for top down authority models and operates as a grass roots movement. Authority is collective. The aim is to effect change by bringing people together.

Neither energy is good, bad or preferable. Both have their positive points along with their shadow qualities. We need both.

So what does this mean for the next two and a half years? Expect change, grass roots movements and revolutions. Saturn can represent fear too. What are we afraid of? Is the change that is happening opposed by the people or built through consensus? Interestingly, the last time Saturn was in Capricorn and moved into Aquarius saw the end of the Soviet Union. The process began while in Saturn was in Capricorn but was completed when it went into Aquarius. It began within the Soviet government when it decided to stop sending it’s troops into satellite countries at the first sign of rebellion. One by one these countries dramatically rejected the Communist system that had restricted them. Those of us who watched the news in that period will always remember the courage of Lech Walesa and the strikes that freed Poland. Few of us who watched the Berlin Wall come down will forget those images. Then as Saturn entered Aquarius, the Soviet Union itself began to disintegrate. Gorbachev decided to introduce some form of democracy and the rest as they say is History.

It is also the case that the American Declaration of Independence was made while Pluto was in Capricorn and that they won their independence after it moved into Aquarius. Pluto in Capricorn has also been linked with tax revolts. I bring Pluto in as he is currently in Capricorn. So why would Saturn or Pluto in Capricorn act as triggers for grass roots movements? During these periods, authorities overstretch their power. They can lose sight of the plight of those they rule. They control and regulate to the point when they lose the support of the people. They create resistance. Lech Walesa’s movement was called Solidarity. There couldn’t be a better word to describe the spirit of Aquarius. The movements against overly controlling Authorities may begin in Capricorn but bear fruit in Aquarius.

There is the possibility that change in the next two and a half years happens voluntarily within our social structures for the benefit of all and as an expression of grass roots movements. This time Saturn enters Aquarius in the company of the Moon. The Moon represents the public, public mood and public opinion. Here is to hope.

You will benefit from this energy if you’re an Aquarius, Gemini or Libra.

You will also benefit if you’re an Aries or Sagittarius


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