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Moon in Capricorn Square Mars- Angry

Someone has been breaking the rules. It may be actual rules, or simply understood rules of polite society or friendship. You may be tempted to break the rules too. Whatever transgression you feel has been made, it’s left you fuming and wondering why you bother. Even if you’re not experiencing this exact scenario, the feeling is one of frustration. You wonder whether all your hard work is going to amount to anything.

This is a day for taking a deep breath and stepping back. Recognition for your efforts either in a formal sense or simply through appreciation for trying so hard to help friends and family will come... just not today. If calmly voicing your concerns is possible, wait until you have calmed down and then have a frank discussion. If not, think carefully about whether you want to continue to work so hard for little recognition. If not, rethink what you are doing to make things more fair. Today’s frustration is a signal that something needs to be addressed.

You are most sensitive to this energy if you’re a Capricorn, Aries, Cancerian or Libra.


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