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Moon in Aries Square Pluto and Saturn- Putting on The Brakes

The Moon’s energy is in the mood to run. Saturn and Pluto are holding the “stop” signs. You just don‘t say “no” to Saturn or Pluto... unless you’re an Aries on a mission. The potential for frustration is high today, if you are determined to push ahead with your plans, disregarding rules or responsibilities. You may have very good reasons to want to steam ahead but, instead of getting into conflicts which will get nowhere, or allowing frustration to build to the point of rage, it would be more constructive to stop and think. Are you being told “ no” or “not now/ yet”? Is there something you could tweak or refine to make things better? Could you do something else instead? By applying this constructive approach you could have a productive day instead of a frustrating one. You are most susceptible to this energy if you’re an Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra.

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