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Full Moon Moon Conjuct Uranus in Taurus Opposite The Sun

Energies are running high as the Moon reaches its peak. Neither Taurus nor Scorpio “do” compromise. Uranus thinks compromise is a dirty word too! You’re getting the picture. The potential for tension is very high. Rebellion is in the air as a Uranus lends the Moon encouragement to flout authority and do what it wants. What Taurus most wants is a peaceful existence in comfort not being told what to do by ANYONE. Sadly this is not always possible. So today, if you want to avoid the energy of a charging bull doing battle with a Scorpion, it will be best to indulge in the quiet comforts that a Taurus loves so much. Get cosy, enjoy a good meal and make sure that music fills your home. Dance may well be the antidote to rebellion.

You are most sensitive to this energy if you’re a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

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