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Astrology, Understanding The Cosmic Mirror

As Above, So Below

Astrology works on the principle that everything in the Cosmos is linked. This means that as the Earth is a small part of the Universe/ Macrocosm; so we are a small part of the Earth, a microcosm.  This idea also holds that each small part actually resembles the macrocosm. This is because everything is linked as part of the whole. Just like a finger is linked to the body not merely by bone and tissue, but by its genetic imprint. If it were to be cut off, although apparently severed, it would still be linked to the body because it still has the same cells and genetic programming as the rest of the fingers that remain attached to the hand. In the same way because we are a part of the Universe, we carry some of its energy and attributes. We are the microcosm. We resemble the whole.
Astrology further operates on the principle that this link is experienced through Synchronicity. This is when apparently unrelated but similar events happen at the same time.

The examples of synchronicity often referred to as serendipity, are numerous and experienced by most people. Some dismiss them as coincidence but Astrologers know that this is a law of nature, as real as the laws of gravity. We can no more see the physical force of gravity than that of synchronicity. Yet we all experience gravity and no-one would question its existence. Synchronicity is also experienced by all, and Astrologers are practiced at using it to read and to understand an individual’s psyche, their place in the Cosmos, past experiences, the present and the future.
Once the principle of synchronicity is understood, the movement of the Moon, planets and stars are used as mirrors which illuminate an individual’s experience. Similarly, because the science of Astronomy enables us to calculate planetary movements in the future, we can use these as indicators of events which will one day unfold.

Hence, this cosmic mirror and cosmic clock can provide us with a reflection, that is useful in helping understand ourselves better, make sense of events in our past and present, as well as providing us with a life map for the future.

Ana Isabel

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