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Sun in Sagittarius- Fun Time!

Here we are again facing the Christmas party season. This year will be a very muted affair. Lockdowns and rising unemployment are dampening our spirits. Nevertheless, if someone can find a silver lining, it will be Sagittarians. This is the Zodiac’s party animal. Christmas itself happens with the Sun in Capricorn, but most of the socialising leading up to it take place while the Sun is still in the constellation of Sagittarius. This is significant because you couldn’t possibly expect this optimistic and enthusiastic sign to be facing the darkest time of the year with thoughts of hibernation. For them it is far more appropriate to put up lights, the brighter, flashier and more outrageous the better. They will want all the tinsel and then they will want to banish the darkness with lots of laughter. This time of year was made for them.

To understand where this wild streak in Sagittarius comes from, we need to consider the symbol for the sign: the Centaur. Centaurs are half horse and half man. The bottom half, the horse, symbolises man’s more carnal nature. This is the part of Sagittarius that could drink you under the table, or loves to camp in the wilderness.

The horse is also symbolic of a link with nature and many Sagittarians love animals, especially large ones. So don’t be surprised if they would like to go on Safari; or if you have a little Sagittarius, they may love visits to the Zoo, possibly to see the elephants.

This link with animals is also symbolic of an instinctive nature, being a fire sign they act first and think later.

Indeed there is something quite wild about Sagittarius. They play by their own rules, love to take chances and push the limits. This may translate into gambling, (I’ve known of a few who are mad about horse racing). If you try to restrict this most free spirited of signs, the result will be either a massive argument, or watching them gallop away at full speed. Either way they will be very unhappy.

Unhappiness is something which we never associate with this happy go-lucky sign. Even if something traumatic happens, although the pain will be intense, they are likely to recover more quickly than most. Their innate optimism will come to the rescue and the belief that somehow everything will work out alright, will keep the lights on, even in the darkest times.

The upper half of Centaurs is human; an archer aiming high. Here we have a representation of the more spiritual side of the sign. This is where Sagittarius becomes philosophical. Philosophy is a search for meaning in life and this is something that interests many Sagittarians. They will look for answers either through philosophy, conventional religion or through broader spiritual pursuits such as Astrology.

So while the Sun is in Sagittarius, our collective mood could well brighten up. Somehow we need to find the optimism to get us through this dark time.

You benefit most from this energy if you’re a Sagittarius, Aries or Leo. You may also benefit if you’re a Libra or Aquarius.


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